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Monday, December 29, 2008

AGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! school is creeping up on us as we speak!!!!!!

Well, to wrap up our christmas break I have come up with a little blog race, contest, competition, sorta t
hing to get you guys commenting more because no offense you don't do enough of it...

So here is how this is going to work...
If you are the first person to comment back on this entry telling us about what you did over christmas and what you got (most importantly jk jk) you can win various prizes.
1st place: you get the WHOLE BLOG (and i mean the WHOLE blog) dedicated to you for a whole week!

2nd place:you get a lovely blog entry written about you and how lovely u r

3rd place:you get a big hug from me or McKenna next time we see u. YEAH!!!

Now like any fair contest there are always rules...

Rule #1 You can only comment once 
Rule #2 McKenna you can't enter!!!!!!!! :) 
Rule #3 State your first name at the top of your comment so we know who you are
Rule #4 You cant discuise your self as someone else after you have already entered 


RazzleDazzle said...


I had a wonderful Christmas! So dedicate the whole blog to McKenna the most wonderful girl in the world, WHO IS NOT ME!

Did I mention that I am NOT McKenna?


Defne said...

This is the most LEGIT person in da world... Your very own Fergalicious Def... Defne!! I had a wonderful Christmas break because my 3 cousins from Holland were here and we had a great time... I also got some really LEGIT christmas presents!