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Hi peeps, welcome to RazzleDazzle! This website is sure to put a smile on your face, and if it doesn't... then your just an old grump. well anyways I am Mckenna who loves bright colors and smiles. and Lucy (your favorite) who is the creater of this blog is my Friend! YAH! If we still didn't get a smile on your face, go immediately to Taylor (my other friend)'s Blog at bubblegumblog13.blogspot.com. or come and visit Lucy's blog at iheartneon.blogspot.com. or my website at Girls4God.ning.com. And no, we are not computer nerds, 
 we are just very social...

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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Websites, and Blogs, and Driving, OH MY!

hey everyone,
 Lucy has mentioned all her blogs she has created in our first post.  I am sure you have all checked them out. and if you hadn't then you should because they are awesome! well if you have extra time then come check out my website @ Girls4God.ning.com. You will love it trust me... 

P.S: The other day was so Snazzy (my fav word) 
i didn't really use the gas pedal a whole buch (mainly the break) but still... I GOT TO DRIVE MY DAD'S CAR! my brother rode in the back and my Dad called shotgun. I know I am only 14 but I will turn 15 this summer and so I need to learn sometime soon. well G2G I have homework. 

God Bless 
-McKenna Over and Out

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